We introduced Zeus in Titan’s story.

He’s a 1999 fancy boi.

He’s one of those horses you wish you could bubble-wrap to prevent injury.

Dye was added to his eye to highlight the trauma. The green area is where he bumped his eyeball. Because he is blind in this eye, it’s a problem that could cause future damage, so surgery is necessary.

Because the blind eye is subject to injuring and swelling, which could lead to him not being able to blink and keep his eye clean, which could lead to a painful infection, we want to schedule surgery as soon as possible.


This senior horse requires enucleation surgery. He started losing vision almost seven years ago. In the past few years, the eye has started to bulge. Without this procedure, the swelling may increase to the extent he would not be able to blink to lubricate and protect his blind eye, and the alternative to surgery would be compassionate euthanasia. 

His daily care needs are met at a cost of $500/month which doesn’t leave much for major surgery. He is not a candidate for rehoming due to his age and health history. His owner is on a fixed income and has additional living expenses due to COVID–19 so this is the last measure to extend his retirement years.

Rather than ask for money, we would ask that you share our fundraising items to help boost sales.


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