Believe what you will.

As long as your beliefs do not interfere with my life, believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

In my youth, the only two times I went to church is when I stayed overnight with a friend on Saturday.

Later learned we were Methodist. We just weren’t church goers.

In high school, I’d say I was more agnostic.

I believe atheism took hold the first time after my dad died.

As a young mom married to a conservative, it became more important to me that my kids learned about Christianity so they could come to their own decisions.

We went to church regularly. I went to Bible study while they were in Sunday school.

I wanted to believe.

Had a rocky go of it after separation from my first husband and striking out on my own. Did not immediately become agnostic again. Took even longer to return to atheism. Couldn’t tell you exactly when.

I have friends who are Christian, and friends who are Wiccan, and friends who are atheist.

As long as we all accept each other, and no one does something like, votes to take human rights from another based on their beliefs, we’re all good.

People who don’t have to tell you what they are — those are the best.

This is new and incomplete. I shall return.

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