Social (physical) distancing has taken a bite out of the group painting business, but it’s pretty easy to set up a virtual “paint date” with a friend or family member far away with video calling.

Or in person at home, you can make a messterpiece with family, or have several paint dates with a partner!

Find an image online to use for inspiration. To start out, select a composition with fewer colors.

You just need a few simple supplies to begin creating.

Canvas options:

Everything from small magnetic boards to large stretched canvas are available. Ready-to-use canvas boards in easy-to-frame sizes are a great option for beginners. The top choice here is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller. More will be added.

Artlicious offers many sizes and types of canvas for your inspired art. Here’s a 12-pack of 8×10″ canvas boards to get you started on your journey.

Brush options:

The first option below is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller with great user ratings! More to follow.

Soucolor quality brushes for acrylic paint; twenty brushes in ten different sizes for a variety of uses

Paint options:

We’ll start with Amazon’s Choice selection, and add more soon.

GOTIDEAL artist quality acrylic paint in 48 colors

Kit options:

Here’s a COMPLETE KIT you can ship directly to participants in your next virtual paint sesh!

All-ages starter package with canvases, brushes and 12 vibrant paints!

BENICCI — acrylic paint set


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