Neurodivergent — but not diagnosed with autism. A lot of these also apply to those with ADHD, BPD and others.

Which labels are familiar to you?

  • Touchy and easily upset ✔️
  • Flappy and fidgety ✔️ (fidgety)
  • Lazy and uncaring ✔️ (lazy)
  • Irritable and moody ✔️
  • Fickle and unreliable
  • Rigid and obsessive ✔️ (obsessive)
  • Inauthentic
  • Weird ✔️✔️✔️

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Christmas Eve Eve

For those with seasonal depression — whether one or all four seasons — the holidays are not always MERRY and I see you. 

There is so much pressure to play the role of happy for the benefit of others.

Let the droopy dreary moments arrive. Acknowledge that you may not be full of MIRTH at all times, and keep reaching for your comfort.

The holiday emphasis on family togetherness and warmth might be tough when you are estranged from someone you care about. It’s rough also on the one who is distancing themself from someone toxic to their peace.

Accept the love from those present. Give love to those open to receive it.

Grieve the ones you are missing, yes, but keep striving for your peace. YOUR peace. Not what makes life easier for everyone else. You matter as much as anyone.

I •am• smiling.

Free-range rude.

“He told me once that, whenever it was feasible,
he preferred to eat the rude.
Free-range rude, he called them.”

Hannibal, Thomas Harris

Free-range rude is how I refer to people who are cruel, mean or nasty to others without cause or reason.  Those quick to find faults and flaws when no call to do so has been issued.

Free-range rude are those who critique or ridicule the choices of others as if it is their sworn duty. The way they look, they way they dress, their personal choices; although completely unnecessary to do so.

I hate gossip and drama. Bullies are everywhere.

But I cannot abide free-range rude.

Be someone’s friend, not their judge.

Be like Barney. Be the type of human that Hannibal would prefer not to eat.

— Shantell Evelyn