I’ve seen it all. Both ends of the spectrum.

Everyone should be forced to own a gun and know how to use it.

Nobody should be allowed to possess any gun ever!! Guns bad!

I’m not new to this.

I’m well aware the Second Amendment says “shall not be infringed” but you know, it also says “well regulated” and other things have changed a little since that was written.

I worked for an extremely conservative pro-hunting, pro-2A organization in the 90s.

I’ve argued against “assault weapons” bans as I’m well aware the differences between many common hunting rifles and their “bad” cousins are purely cosmetic.

Same thing.

I understand that a hammer can be an assault weapon in the hands of an assailant. Or a screwdriver, or a bowling ball. These are also not tools made to injure or kill other living things.

It’s also clear that it’s difficult to have conversations on social media when weapons are involved.

I’ve recently drawn some criticism for the comment:

Not every person with a pulse needs to have a gun.

Shantell Evelyn

Astonishingly, there are people who argue with this notion.

Certain people are already prohibited by law from legally owning a gun.

Many people agree that others shouldn’t be allowed, but are very vague on what the specifics of who should and who shouldn’t.

I live in Michigan, where certain folks are prone to do stuff like this:

Not pictured: The cardboard signs saying “LET MY PEOPLE MOW”

They carried their long guns into the state capitol where legislators were working.

We want our haircuts!

They brought their Confederate flags and their nooses.

Perhaps you heard they had a plot to kidnap and assassinate the elected Governor, too.

Who radicalized these people?

The GOP, which claims EVERY time there is an election, that the libs are going to take all the guns.

Except, you know, it doesn’t happen. What happens is the pro-2A organizations and the gun and ammo manufacturers do well for a few months on the propaganda.

sorry about my face

I enjoy shooting, when I’m around responsible and sober people.

I am not comfortable when others are brandishing them, clearly using them as accessories to intimidate and control others. That’s not self defense. That’s manipulation.

This is new and incomplete. I shall return.

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