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dry skin body brush / Amazon

I just got this brush, and let me tell you — I LOVE IT!! It’s a dry skin body brush to use in the shower. The natural bristles remove dead skin and stimulate circulation. Best shower I’ve had in a while! I cannot use SOAP due to severe dry skin, so I used it with a moisturizing body wash.

Deep tissue massage gun / Amazon

I found out about this product when a loved one showed me what she’d received from her partner for her birthday and oMG I immediately told my husband THIS is ALL I want for Christmas!! I get deep tissue KNOTS from desk work and stress. This is the only thing that helps my shoulders between chiropractic massage treatments.

Precise nail clippers / Amazon

These are not dollar store clippers!! I’ve had mine for over three years and I can’t believe the difference between these and what I was settling for. These have a nice weight to them, comfortable to hold and use, and cut effortlessly. Yes, even through those thicker nails we get. Absolutely worth the very small investment in quality.

precision tweezers / Amazon

I underestimated how much LESS painful tweezing can be with quality tweezers. I had dollar store tweezers that didn’t match up very well, so I’d have to pull on a coarse stray two or three times to remove it. The difference in grip and accuracy is so worth it! Not to mention, we live in a HIGH RISK TICK AREA and these are absolutely the ideal shape for tick removal from dogs, cats and (eek) our own legs. Be careful with these – they are SUPER sharp!!

Carmex medicated balm / Amazon

Not gonna lie — I’ve got one of these in pretty much every room of the house. It’s very dry in here in the winter, with the furnace going all the time. I reapply at least a half dozen times per day. I use a LOT if I’m heading outside in the cold northern winter air, and just before bed. I even rub just a little on the super sensitive skin between my nostrils where I get red and chafed from touching a tissue to a drippy nose in this weather. LOVE this stuff!! Smooth and glides on better than the other sticks.

coarse nail and foot file / Amazon

I’m on my feet more than eight hours a day. This is my home pedi GO-TO file. The coarse side is better – in my opinion – for dry feet problems than those (scary) metal cheese grater things, or hard rough stones. They may be dry, but they’re sensitive! Just thoroughly file, apply Aquaphor, and put on some soft cotton ankle socks before bed. (My preference is the kind with padded sole and arch support!) Makes the next day of standing for work a lot more feets-friendly. The file is washable, and it takes a lot to wear one out.

Aquaphor healing ointment / Amazon
Eucerin Intensive Repair lotion / Amazon
Advanced Repair also available / Amazon

My skin is stupid dry. Painfully so. Also sensitive. Yay genetics! Suave was my one-and-only for many years. One of the few products that worked on my severely dry skin without causing pain and redness from irritants, like fragrance. Face to toes, never catch me without it. Then my skin changed. So that’s a thing that happens. Both Eucerin and CeraVe were recommended for me. I bought and tried both. CeraVe didn’t work for me. It didn’t cause problems, but it wasn’t enough for my severely dry skin. Eucerin is now one of those products I can’t go without. If I don’t apply it within minutes of stepping out of the shower, my skin is painful to live in. If I travel, even just an overnight, it’s in my bag.

Ultra Sheer dry-touch / Amazon

Didn’t always have sun protection on my mind the first few decades of life. Now I’m careful to always use a good quality sun defense every morning. I like this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry-touch sunscreen for a light protection that doesn’t feel greasy on my face. Don’t forget the tops of your hands and feet too!

Gold Bond / Amazon

One little BIG thing can switch up your favorite T-shirt style from V-neck to crew neck and you know what I’m talking about, ladies. That thin, delicate chest flesh doesn’t get “filtered” when an app smoothes your face wrinkles, does it? Well, this secret came from a friend who may be a minute or two older than me but you’d never know it — she told me her secret was Gold Bond!

Magnolia Home hand balm / Amazon

Another tip from a friend! We’re all doing the hand-washing SO dang much our knuckles are about to crack and bleed — or they have already! I generally just use what’s handy but this was recommended for those severely chapped and rough knuckles. Absorbs fast so it’s not sticky, and no overwhelming scent which is irritating to some if not most of us. I’m looking forward to trying it myself!

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