I was pro-life in the 90s. My pregnancies were intentional, planned and welcome, although I can’t say I was prepared. I was an adult blessed with maternal health, family support, good prenatal care, and healthy full-term babies.

I am pro-choice now.

I’m not “pro-abortion” any more than one may be “pro-root canal” — it’s just not a thing.

Affordable, accessible birth control reduces abortion rates.

Under Trump, states across the country attempted to force abortion bans through GOP majority legislatures.

In Michigan, activists pushed for a ban on dilation and curettage, a routine procedure where a doctor may remove fetal tissue after a miscarriage. D&C may be used when a fetus is incompatible with surviving gestation or birth, such as not developing a skull. Health care providers should be the ones to decide what procedures may be necessary, not elected officials.

Michigan to ban abortion procedure, Michigan Radio, Feb. 2020

Across the country in 2019, a so-called heartbeat bill made headlines. This is a total abortion ban in disguise, because it outlaws the procedure at a stage many pregnancies have not yet been detected. An embryo may have a detectable group of cells with electrical activity and not a life-supporting cardiac system.

State Policy Trends 2019, Guttenmacher Institute, Dec. 2019

Good news for all — the abortion rate is declining.

I support open adoption and owe the love of my life to a loving single mother who chose adoption, and an adoptive family who raised a wonderful human. Closed adoption may become a thing of the past with ancestry traceable by DNA, but that’s another post.

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If images of fetal tissue may upset you, please leave the page at this time. There are artistic recreations below and also real and potentially triggering images from incomplete gestation.

Some artists on Etsy and other sites create memorial items for grieving parents.

memorial gifts. image property of artist. (Etsy)
typical artist recreation of a fully developed fetus in miniature
A brave grieving mother shares a personal image of her 12 week fetus. (YouTube)
another doll created to mimic a fully formed fetus in miniature
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