Christmas Eve Eve

For those with seasonal depression — whether one or all four seasons — the holidays are not always MERRY and I see you. 

There is so much pressure to play the role of happy for the benefit of others.

Let the droopy dreary moments arrive. Acknowledge that you may not be full of MIRTH at all times, and keep reaching for your comfort.

The holiday emphasis on family togetherness and warmth might be tough when you are estranged from someone you care about. It’s rough also on the one who is distancing themself from someone toxic to their peace.

Accept the love from those present. Give love to those open to receive it.

Grieve the ones you are missing, yes, but keep striving for your peace. YOUR peace. Not what makes life easier for everyone else. You matter as much as anyone.

I •am• smiling.

Published by shantellevelyn

I'm less evil in real life.

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