Free-range rude.

“He told me once that, whenever it was feasible,
he preferred to eat the rude.
Free-range rude, he called them.”

Hannibal, Thomas Harris

Free-range rude is how I refer to people who are cruel, mean or nasty to others without cause or reason.  Those quick to find faults and flaws when no call to do so has been issued.

Free-range rude are those who critique or ridicule the choices of others as if it is their sworn duty. The way they look, they way they dress, their personal choices; although completely unnecessary to do so.

I hate gossip and drama. Bullies are everywhere.

But I cannot abide free-range rude.

Be someone’s friend, not their judge.

Be like Barney. Be the type of human that Hannibal would prefer not to eat.

— Shantell Evelyn

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