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I’m taking a break from social media starting 8-Nov-2022 but I will be posting regularly here. You can follow via WordPress, or join my email list for a weekly update.

Hey. You can call me Shanty Evel.

Gen X. Atheist. ADHD, BPD, PTSD. CPPD.

Former conservative. Recovering + relearning.

Writing a memoir about my journey.

Every morning I’m alive is a win.

Meet our rescues Thor, Reva, Ceuta — support them by using these referral links.

My pronouns are she/her/hers. I love people who are LGBTQIA+2S and I want them to be happy and healthy humans.

Homophobia is culturally produced prejudice against homosexuals that sometimes manifests itself in legal restrictions, bullying or even violence against homosexuals. Although the suffix ‘phobia’ designates fear, in this case the word refers to an attitudinal disposition ranging from mild dislike to abhorrence of people who are sexually or romantically attracted to individuals of the same sex. Homophobia is a culturally conditioned response to homosexuality, and attitudes toward homosexuals vary widely across cultures and over time.

Contemporary Attitudes Toward Homosexuality

All lives matter? I’m glad you agree that Black lives matter, because all lives cannot matter until ALL lives matter.

Follow Black and indigenous content creators (especially BIPOC women) and support them. Yes, if you learn something from them, pay them. #MMIW #BLM

Systemic and structural racism are forms of racism that are pervasively and deeply embedded in systems, laws, written or unwritten policies, and entrenched practices and beliefs that produce, condone, and perpetuate widespread unfair treatment and oppression of people of color.

Approaches to Dismantling Systemic and Structural Racism

I am absolutely pro-choice. Bans on abortion with ‘exceptions’ for specific circumstances lead to court battles and victimization of pregnant people. No one is having late abortions on a whim. Choose LIFE by helping kids and families with food and education, by supporting the local organizations that serve your community.

I was a conservative pro-life racist homophobic church-going bigot for too many of my years. If I can use my tiny voice to help those I’ve wrongly condemned in my past, I’ll shout.

Despite all of that complete chaos above — I’m in a happy, healthy relationship. I don’t know how, either.

one ring to show our love, one ring to bind us,
one ring to seal our love, and forever to entwine us

As much as some offered heartache, other family and friends consistently lift me out of misery. Thank you to all who helped me get this far.


I wanted borderlinebutterfly.comwhy am I here?

The website was meant to host a blog about my borderline personality disorder experience, but my memoir will instead be released as an eBook. BPD Traits are listed here.